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5050 Temperature Sensor Constant Current LED Strips
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product: view count: 2205050 Temperature Sensor Constant Current LED Strips 
unit price: Negotiable
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period for delivery: Consignment Deadline days
Expiry date: Long Effective
last update: 2017-08-20 15:53

QL Light Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China led strip rgb manufacturers and suppliers with professional factory. Welcome to wholesale products from us.

Features of QL Constant Current Strips:

1. Constant current version: with stable current, suitable for high quality requirements project.
2. DC12V/DC24V input: Can work with any DC12V/DC24V PWM control system.
3. can work with unstable power supply and without damage. 
4. with temperature Sensor: Can lower the current to protect itself when the temperature is too high.
5. Brightness uniform: With same brightness from the first end to the last end for around 10m.

◆ LED Type: SMD5050
◆ Input Voltage: DC24V
◆ Color: RGB, Green, Blue, Warm White, Nature White, Pure White
◆ LED Qty: 60LED/m
◆ Beam Angle: 120 degree
◆ IP Ratio: IP20, IP54. IP67 or IP68 Version
◆ IP20: Non-waterproof Version
◆ IP54: Single-Side glued with silicone
◆ IP67: With Silicone Tube
◆ IP68: With silicone tube and silicone glue


Different IP version:

Different Color version:


1. Decorative lighting for festivals, events, shows, exhibitions
2. Architectural lighting for canopy, corridor, window, archway,
3. Backlight or edge light for signage
4. Path or contour marking
5. Channel letter lighting

LED Knowledge: 

Copied from LED NEWS.ORG (
Difference between LED light to Sodium lamp
The ordinary fluorescent lamp provides more green, about 50%, most of the rest are red and blue, which take about 25% of the total spectrum, infrared spectral ratio is very low. Fluorescent lamp with luminous efficiency 80lm/W, long life (about 12000h), and CRI>85, but less power (currently used both 28W and 36W). Because it contains a lot of green light, which likely to cause crop growth, commonly used in plant tissue culture.
The metal halide lamp is a gas light source, that mixed vapor of mercury and the rare metal halide, then generated arc, thereby discharge light. It can emit different spectral by changing the metal halide composition. Its luminous efficiency is high as 65-140lm/W, also high power, and long life (5000h to 20000h). But metal halide lamp contains mercury; it will pollute the environment when the lamp is breakdown or abandon. Its spectrum contains a lot infrared light, produces more heating, and also can’t shoot the crop in closed distance.
LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a solid-state semiconductor devices that can convert electrical energy into visible light; it can convert electrical to light directly. The heart of LED is a semiconductor wafer. And LED light is the lamps that used LED as light source. Compare to the up lamps, it’s have the following features:
1) High energy efficient: it can achieve 100-150lm/W.
2) Long life as 50000h.
3) LED light in theoretically, its spectral characteristics include the entire visible spectral range. Color Rendition Index is 70-90.
4) Environmental protection: it doesn’t contain mercury or xenon and other harmful elements, also does not produce radiation, it is recyclable.
Obviously, Countries all over the world take more and more attention to the problem of energy-saving and environmental protection, some countries are already promoting the use of LED lamps. As long as the of LED lamps cost reduce, and LED technology continues to improve, it will replace the fluorescent lamp, Sodium lamp, the metal halide light inevitablely.

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